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Ideas that can save you money while you help us help disaster victims recover:

Most of us donate to charities and worthy causes because we want to help. We want to make a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate. How would you like to make a gift that not only helps disaster victims, but actually provides you with an income over time and reduces taxes?

Charitable gift annuities can help meet current income needs or they can help meet future needs when used for retirement planning. Gifts also qualify for a charitable tax deduction.

Other income-producing donation options include:

  • Deferred Gift Annuity
  • Establishing an Endowment
  • Setting up a Charitable Remainder Trust

Other tax-saving options include:

  • Making a gift of cash (fully tax-deductible, up to 50% of your adjusted gross income)
  • Making a gift of stock (held for one year or more) and earn a deduction equal to the full market value.
  • Donate appreciated securities to the Disaster Relief Effort and receive an income for life based on the fair market value of your stocks. You will receive an income tax deduction and reduce capital gains taxes.
  • Make a gift of real estate (avoid capital gains tax and earn a charitable deduction for the full market value*)

For details on these and other tax-saving options, please consult your professional tax advisor and then call us for more information. Our planned giving experts can help you satisfy your desire to help victims as well as save (or earn) your money and/or reduce or eliminate taxes.

Please call Joe L. Dudney, Vice-President and Executive Director, or Lynn Cook, Director of Development, at 1-888-541-2848 or 615-833-0888.

* Certain IRS rules apply. Consult your tax professional.