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Good folks like you always ask, “How can I help?” There are several ways you can get involved with the work at Disaster Relief.

Pray for our ministry
We covet your daily prayers as we seek to help as many hurting people as possible in the name of Jesus.

HelpVolunteer at our warehouse
We are in constant need of volunteers to pack boxes, load trucks, and organize supplies at our warehouse at 410 Allied Drive in Nashville. We have many groups scheduling to come work a few hours, a day, or several days. We ask that you call to schedule a date with us, so that we can prepare for your visit, and to be sure another large group is not already scheduled that day.

When we are in need of food boxes to send on our shipments, we have volunteers living in the Nashville area willing to come work from 10am to 1pm, with only a several day notice. We have an automated system that calls individuals and congregations to notify them when we need volunteers to load food boxes.  150-250 people will come in to work side-by-side on a food box packing assembly line. 1,500 food boxes will be packed in less than 2 hours, then we feed the volunteers lunch, and they’re free to go. If your available some mornings, and would like to help pack food boxes, call our office and ask to have your name and phone number added to our call list.

So please call one of the phone numbers listed below and schedule a time to come help whether you’re by yourself, with your family, or with a group. If you’d like to help on food box packing days, we will add you to our call list. While you are here, we’d be happy to give you a tour of our 87,860 sq ft facility, just tell us you’d like to see our facility.  We are very proud of how the Lord has blessed our growth over the years! We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are unable to volunteer some time, the best way to help Disaster Relief Effort assist those in need is to make a donation. We are able to purchase supplies that people need after a disaster, in bulk, at an extreme discount, buying 3-4 times what can be purchased at retail prices. If you are a group wanting to help, consider different ideas for fund raisers. Have a sale of donated items, have a garage sale, or a silent auction of goods local businesses have provided to help those in need, or have a walk-a-thon where people sign up to sponsor participants by giving so much per mile that someone walks, all to help support ‘Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort, Inc.’

Your financial support of our ministry is greatly appreciated. More than 86% of every donated dollar goes directly to disaster victims. Expenses such as salaries, utilities, supplies, maintenance, depreciation, truck rentals, etc. amount to a little over 13.18%. We are proud of this remarkable record. Rest assured we will be good stewards of your financial gift.

What we don’t accept
Many people call us about bringing items that have been collected. It’s not that we are ungrateful, but in order to send the same thing out on every shipment we do not accept donations of food, personal care items, cleaning supplies, used clothing, or water, we buy it instead so we know exactly what we have, how much we have, and when we need to order more. If we took donations of these items, we’d never know when we get enough to send out, or how much we’d get. Most importantly though, we don’t send out any used items. Secondly, we can purchase these items for much less than you can buy them even if you can buy them on sale,  because we buy from brokers and manufacturers in high quantity, and some by the trailer load. With over 25 years experience, we have learned what works best when helping hundreds of people at a time. Organization is key, so we do not send out random cases of whatever we have, instead we put the same prepacked and prepared items on every truck from Nashville, unless we have a request to change our standard shipments.   We also can send full pallets of exactly the same item if requested. For example, a pallet of green beans is 2,040 (14.5oz)cans. We know that items already packed in a box, like a food box or personal hygiene box, with everything a family needs can be handed out quickly, much quicker than setting up tables of a bunch of various items and having to let people come in and shop for what they need. We purchase specific boxes for our food boxes, personal care boxes, and infant care boxes. We pre-pack all these box types or cleaning buckets before we send them. Every type of box or cleaning bucket is packed alike, the same contents. All people we help get exactly the same contents. In order to do this, we know what size of everything we need to buy to get it to fit together in one box. When a congregation gets our food boxes, they are packed and sealed, ready to be handed to a family, and one food box will feed a family of 4, about a week. The contents of our sealed personal care box, is all a family will need to get cleaned up. Our infant care box has everything in it a baby would need.

A lot of people want to send used clothing. Let me speak from the view of a church that is helping…they will receive hundreds of bags of used clothing. The problem is they don’t know what they’ll get or the condition of the clothing, so someone must go through every bag, every single item, and check for cleanliness, does it need repair, who is it for, what size is it (does it have a size tag), is it worth giving out? Then after much time is spent sorting, everything must be folded to be placed on tables, or hung up. Then for people to see what you have available, and to get what they want, you must allow them to come in a shop through all of the items, which requires a room large enough to hold all of these clothes. Then repeatedly, every hour or so, someone must go through and straighten up all of the piles of clothes. From experience we know that after a disaster, hundreds of items of used clothes will be left that nobody wants , and these items must be hauled off. Please understand that when volunteers are trying to help a large volume of people that have lost so much, there are much better ways to spend your time, than messing with used clothes. Used clothes work fine for a smaller distribution, like a local benevolent work where you are helping 30-50 people, but not at a disaster site to help hundreds or thousands of victims.

We provide a pallet of new clothing and shoes on every shipment of supplies from Nashville. Our clothing boxes are labeled as to what is inside, and who it’s for, and the sizes are labeled. So if a victim needs clothing, we explain what we have, and ask their size, then hand them brand new out of a box. If you were a victim, which would you prefer?

So donations are the best way to help us help others. To give now, click on the DONATE NOW button on the home page of this website, there you can give by credit card or with the information off the bottom of a check.  If you prefer, you can call the following numbers with your credit/debit card information, or click on the link below to mail a donation.

Thank you for your support!

Toll free: 1-888-541-2848
Nashville area: 615-833-0888

Click here if you’d like to send a check by mail.

Click here if you’d like to donate online by check, credit card or debit card.

Click here for tips on tax-wise giving.

Click here for a biblical perspective of giving for natural disasters.