Trailer of Water to Centerville,TN

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We contacted the congregations in Centerville,TN after hearing that the run-off from all the recent heavy rain in that community had contaminated the city water supply. There was so much sediment in the water, that local citizens were instructed to strain the water, then boil it. Mixed signals are out as to when the problem will be resolved. It had been reported that it would be fuxed as early as this afternoon, through Thursday or Friday of this week.

A 53′ trailer loaded with 19 pallets of bottled water left our warehouse this morning after we received word from the Centerville Church of Christ and Fairfield Church of Christ that they both wanted to distribute water to their community. We split the supply with the two congregations, and will send more if requested.

We also contacted the churches in Dickson, TN about the flooding in their community, but no supplies have been requested yet.

We’re standing ready to load 6 trailers with supplies, to send to congregations in or near a community that is in need after a major disaster strikes.