Shipping Container headed to Puerto Rico

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This afternoon a 53′ shipping container finally got to our warehouse about 1:15pm. We had it loaded with supplies by 2:15, and the truck with the container left for Florida.

It will sail out of Florida Friday, and will arrive at the Iglesia de Cristo in Bayamon, Puerto Rico mid next week. This was a joint effort between Healing Hands and Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort. Our supplies were loaded this afternoon, and Healing Hands International brought some additional items to be placed on top of our pallets as they were being loaded on the shipping container.

We will be working together further to provide additional items for them, now that we can get shipping containers in. We will send generators, and other items that we find out they need. We will also be working together to send assistance to the US Virgin Islands. Please pray for all of those on these islands, that have no place to go. They can’t jump in their cars and drive to another state. Thank you for your support.