Another Florida Truck, New Shipments to California & Shipment for Puerto Rico

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Last Saturday morning, October 1st, the second trailer full of supplies was unloaded at the Westside Church of Christ in Jacksonville, FL, by the members of that congregation. They continue to help the Hurricane Irma victims in their area.

Early this morning another truckload of supplies left our Nashville Operations Center for the Church of Christ in Petaluma, California, for the wildfire victims in Northern California. The latest news is that 17 lives have been taken by these fires. We are speaking with other congregations throughout the Napa Valley, and other states where fires have been burning, ready to send supplies if needed.  We are awaiting word from a congregation in Santa Rosa about a possible additional shipment.

The latest on our supplies going to Puerto Rico is that the shipping container will be at our warehouse Friday morning for us to load, then it will be taken to Florida where it will depart on a ship. We are also talking with Healing Hands International about getting supplies to the US Virgin Islands. We will report more about these when we have additional updates.

Please pray for those in the paths of these fires, and those in the path of the recent hurricanes, so many have lost a lot of their earthly goods.  We pray for those  families that have lost loved ones.

Thank you for your support and for your prayers for Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort.