More help to Texas and Florida and Puerto Rico Update

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Monday of this week (9/25) the 2nd 53′ trailer full of supplies left for the Highland Heights Church of Christ in Houston.  As an example to show how helping others in time of need can reach their hearts, Highland Heights has reported that due to their efforts to help those in need, because of Hurricane Harvey,  they have baptized 15 souls and have had requests for 426 Bible classes! To God be the Glory! Also on Monday the 2nd shipment of supplies left for the Westgage Church of Christ in Beaumont, TX. On

Tuesday, Sept 26th the 2nd shipment of supplies left for the Naples Church of Christ in Naples, Florida This morning a trailer full of supplies left our warehouse for the Marathon Church of Christ, on the Florida Key’s. This evening, the 2nd truckload of supplies left for the Immokalee Church of Christ, in Immokalee, FL

Since the end of August when Hurricane Harvey hit to today, 9/28, we have shipped 32 shipments to Southeast, TX, 2 shipments to Southwest Louisiana, and 6 shipments to Florida, due to Hurricane Irma.


You are hearing about the need in Puerto Rico, but you may not be hearing the complete story. You have hear they are without power, but their communication lines are down also. We know of one active cell tower near San Juan, that people are getting in range of to make what calls they can. Police radio towers are down also, so the police cannot communicate with each other with their radios. It was almost anarchy.

As of this morning, Puerto Rico has military assistance for all emergency operations. Brigadier General Richard Kim is in charge of normalizing operations for Federal and Military emergency help.

What you are not hearing is that many shipping containers of supplies are in San Juan harbor, but there is a shortage of diesel fuel. Diesel is needed for large generators for hospitals, but also for trucks necessary to move the shipping containers around on the island, to get them to the different communities.  Retailers were limiting fuel sales, but fuel is arriving now.

There are 27 Church of Christ congregations across Puerto Rico and the Isle de Culebra. Contact has only been made with 11 of those 27 congregations, and those are all near San Juan. No status is known of the other 15, but 6 of those are of greatest concern.  We pray that we will soon be reporting that contact has been made with all 27, and that we can be sure supplies are getting where they need to go.

We thank you so much for your continued support, so that we might continue to help those in need.