Continued Efforts to Help Texas & Florida

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Tuesday September 19th, a shipment of supplies from our Nashville warehouse was unloaded by the members of the Darien Loop Church of Christ in Houston.

On September 20th, a shipment was unloaded at the Lehigh Acres Church in Lehigh Acres, Florida, southeast of Ft Meyers.

Another trailer load left Nashville September 20th for the Cinco Ranch Church of Christ, in Katy, TX

An additional trailer left this morning, September 21st for the Fidelity Church of Christ in Houston, TX

Around 4pm today, another trailer departed Nashville for the Lakeside Park Church in Houston.

Since August 28th,  we’ve sent a total of 33 shipments to Harvey and Irma survivors.



Our volunteers in Nashville continue to stay strong, and are standing by ready to help us prepare the items that we send on these trailers when we ask for their help Thank you for your prayers and support for this work.


There are so many in this community and across the country that want to help in some way. Many do not understand that we prepare all of the items we send here at our warehouse in Nashville. We don’t ask for donations of goods of any kind, and that’s because we want to be sure we send the same items in every food box, every personal hygiene box, every infant care box, every pre-packed cleaning bucket!  The items we send are the same size, same label, same contents, so the only way to be sure we have enough of an item is to purchase it, but since we purchase in bulk, we are able to buy 3-5 times as much with your donation dollar than you could buy at retail prices. Plus, then the vendors we purchase from deliver these items directly to our warehouse, where we can prepare and pack them. Sending pre-packed items, ready to be distributed cuts down a tremendous amount on the labor that would normally have to be done on the receiving end.  There is no need to open up our boxes, and put these items out on tables for people to shop through….instead if a family needs food, or personal hygiene or cleaning items, you hand a family an already packed box of food, packed personal hygiene box, a packed cleaning bucket of cleaning supplies, plus hand them new clothes, new shoes, bleach, laundry detergent, and cases of water, and know that whoever takes these items is getting the same as anyone else getting them.  We buy pallets or truckloads of these items at a time, so the easiest way for you to help, is to make a donation, by clicking on the DONATE NOW button at the top of the page.

Many think they want to collect items and we’ll come pick them up. We do not have drop off stations and do not collect items others want to give, because we put a lot of thought, planning, and work into what we send. We purchase 98% of what we send, that way we can be sure, that if we’re sending an item, everyone of those items on our trailer or even in our warehouse to be sent, are exactly the same. For example, we send 1 gallon bottles of bleach on a trailer, a pallet of them is 168 bottles, all the same brand. In order to do things the way we do, and to be efficient, and to know what we have, and when we need to place our next order, we must buy everything. If we depended on donations of goods, we’d never know when we might get things next. On a small scale, like a church pantry, that might work, when you’re sending multiple trailers full a day, we need more control,

So please help us to help others by making a donation today.