Shipment 21 thru 23 for Texas

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This morning our 22nd shipment was on its way to the Westbury Church of Christ in Houston. The 23rd trailer was headed to the Southeast Church in Friendswood, TX, but after the truck had departed we learned that their building was torn down for rebuilding, and that had become what they were focusing a lot of their work on, plus caring for their own members. So we changed that shipment to the Bammel Church in Houston instead. Both will be unloaded tomorrow. The 21st shipment was delivered to the Church of Christ in Jersey Village, but it was delivered by YRC Freight, because one of the Jersey Village Elders works for YRC. We appreciate them delivering that shipment for us. Speaking of free shipments, also last week Tosh Farms of Tennessee, and Goggin Cold Haul, of Shelbyville,TN delivered a truckload each to SE Texas at no cost to us. We appreciate the generosity of these trucklines wanting to help the hurricane victims. If you’d like to support this work click on the DONATE NOW button at the top of the page. We thank you for your prayers.