More Supplies To Texas

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This morning another trailer of much needed food, water, personal hyguene, new clothing, new shoes, and cleaning supplies pulled away from our Nashville Operations Center, this shipment headed for the Central Church of Christ in Victoria, TX. Then before noon, a second trailer left, going to the La Grange Church of Christ. Both shipments will be unloaded by the members of these congregations, which are opening up their buildings as a distribution center of these goods to their members and neighbors devastated by this storm.

To date, we have have received word from 6 congregations in and around Houston to send them a shipment, along with 2 more just North of Houston in The Woodlands area.
We are very grateful, and thankful for the heartfelt support that is being sent to us so we can reorder supplies, and continue to help those affected by these major disasters. Thank you all.

We pray that we can show the Love of Christ as we help others in need, and that we can touch peoples hearts and present the Gospel to them.