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Sorry for the delayed update. We have been extremely busy since Hurricane Harvey worked it’s way inland over Rockport, TX.
Our Associate Director for Texas, Ken Leonard, drove to Southeast Texas last Saturday, and spent Sunday in Aransas County and Rockport. Ken reported it was the worst damage from a Hurricane in that area of Texas he’d ever seen. He started driving to areas to assess the damage, because so much of the phone service, and power was out for the area. He found out from the Aransas County Emergency Management, that they had decided to completely evacuate the county, and only allow Military, and Official Government, County, and City authorized workers to come in, meaning they were keeping the homeowners and any outsiders trying to help out also. Ken decided that if the county was closed, then the people were probably in communities surrounding Aransas county, places where once the lockout had ended, they could return home to assess their damages. So Ken began trying to contact congregations on the outskirts of Aransas County, where these families might be staying until they could get back to their homes.
Monday morning, we loaded a truck early, and got it on the road, headed for the North Bay Church in Portland, TX. Around noon the: second trailer full of basic supplies left our warehouse for the Woodsboro Church of Christ, in Woodsboro. Around 5pm our third trailer load left, headed to the 5th Ward Church of Christ in Houston. He found out Tuesday that I=10 going into Houston was closed, so we rerouted that trailer load to Sulphur, Louisiana where two shelters of people, mostly people that left Southeast Texas had gone. It unloaded there today.
We have requests for our trailers loads of basic supplies, worth a retail value of around $95,000 pending for the following congregations:
Central Church of Christ, Victoria, TX
5th Ward Church of Christ, Houston,TX
Brookshire Church of Christ, Brookshire,TX
Deer Park Church of Christ, Deer Park,TX
Lakewood Church of Christ, Baytown, TX
2nd truckload of supplies for North Bay Church, Portland, TX
and I’m probably missing several more.

Our phones at the Operations Center in Nashville, have been ringing the last several days almost constantly. We are the cause for part of that, because we haven’t been able to update this page to tell you what we’re doing to help. Hopefully, this will help.

Please pray for all of those that have been in the path of the wrath of this storm, so many Texans are hurting, and the water is still rising, levee’s have breached, and spillways have been opened to allow the excess water out of local reservoirs, so more flooding is just beginning.

Besides your prayers, the best way to help us, help those in need after Hurricane Harvey is gone, we need you financial support. Even though the media may leave in a days or a week or so, we will be working behind the scenes with the Church of Christ congregations in the area to help these families get back on their feet. We can’t do everything, for everyone, but we can show that the Church of Christ cares. We care for the well-being of all of God’s children, and we’re hoping that the churches we’re turning these supplies over to, so they can reach out to their neighbors, can touch some hearts, build some relationships, and during the process, bring some of the lost to Christ.

Thank you for your prayers, and financial support, as work to take care of those suffering from major disasters.

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