Supplies Headed To KC Flood Victims, Water Heaters Delivered to Freeport

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It was reported yesterday on the news, that heavy rains took place on the southside of Metro Kansas City. 10 inches of rain fell overnight Monday August 21st, causing flash flooding. 160 water rescues were reported throughout the area, with one 56 year old man losing his life in Miami County, Kansas southwest of Kansas City, when his car hydroplaned off the road into deep rushing water. First responders found his body 75 yards from his automobile.

Our Associate Director for Kansas and Missouri, Dennis McClintock, called several congregations in the area, looking for a congregation ready to work to help their neighbors. The Red Bridge Church of Christ in Kansas City, MO agreed to accept a truckload, valued at just under $92,000 worth of pre-packed food, personal hygiene, infant care, cleaning supplies, pallets of water, new clothing and new shoes, detergent, bleach, mops, brooms, rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows for the families that have lost their homes. These items will be given to any of the families affected by the flooding. Please pray for all of those whose homes were flooded in the Kansas City area.

Also, Friday morning, the first trailer containing 47 hot water heaters delivered them in Freeport, IL. They have also received trailers full of new furniture, new appliances, and new mattress sets for qualified low-income families, to replace some of the items they lost from the flooding. Freeport continues to work to help many flood victims in north central Illinois.

We continue to ask for your prayers and your financial support as we work to help those in need. We strive for the church to build new relationships with others in their community, so they might spread God’s Word!

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