2nd Shipment of Supplies to Unload in Freeport, IL

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A second trailer full of supplies, at a value of just under $90,000 left our Nashville warehouse early this morning, to be unloaded at the warehouse at 406 S Adams Ave in Freeport this afternoon. The supplies that were unloaded yesterday morning, were almost gone by 10 o’clock this morning, and they knew late yesterday that if they didn’t get another truckload on it’s way, they’d run out before the need was met. This trailer full was modified a bit, to better meet the needs for cleaning up flooded basement areas.

We’re checking additionally for the flooded areas around Mannington, and Hundred, West Virginia to see if the need has increased. The problem with smaller areas of need, spread miles apart is ‘Where would you unload a 53′ trailer full of supplies, centrally located, so people from the other communities can come get supplies with pickups, and take them back to their neighbors?’

We’re ready to send more supplies when we receive word.