Supplies Headed to Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri

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Yesterday around 2 pm, two truckloads departed Nashville for additional areas that received heavy rains, and have had major flooding.

In south central Louisiana, Lafayette Parish has had many areas of flash flooding. The Blake Street Church of Christ is opening a distribution center for the flood victims on Main Street in Mamou, LA, to help the flood victims throughout that area.  They will receive our pre-packed family food boxes, personal hygiene boxes, infant care boxes, cleaning supplies, bottled water, new clothing and new shoes to distribute to those families nearby that were affected by the flooding.

The second trailer load of the same supplies is on it’s way to the West Ridge Church of Christ in Pocahontas in northeast Arkansas. The members at West Ridge will be unloading the supplies today at their building.   The first trailer load of supplies has all been distributed, and people are still in need, so the next trailer is loading!

Both of these trailers full of supplies, would cost approx $103,000 if these items were purchased at retail prices. All of these supplies, are provided at NO COST to the congregations receiving them, to give to the disaster survivors, and have been purchased, packed, and organized by Churches of Christ Disaster Relief and our volunteers, so when they’re received, they are ready to begin passing them out. There is no need to set up tables with items scattered everywhere of a bunch of different things, cases of this and that, people don’t need to come in and shop for what they need…the items we send are already boxed up, ready to be carried to the victims. Members with pickups can load some of these supplies in their truck, and take them to the communities that have been hit.  We send enough pre-packed food boxes for 300 families.

Monday morning at 10 am, we will be packing 1,500 family food boxes. If you’re available May 8th we’d appreciate your help at 410 Allied Drive in Nashville, so we can continue helping those in need.