Strong Tornado Strikes Texas

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Van Zandt County, including Canton, TX was hit hard yesterday, killing 5. It has been been reported that the damaged area is 35 miles long, and 15 miles wide!

Our Associate Director for Texas lives in the next county west, so went to Fruitvale Church of Christ, just north of Canton for worship this morning, and met with their leadership. They agreed to take a truckload of supplies, to help those whose homes were damaged from the tornado. The truck departed Nashville this evening for the Fruitvale Church of Christ.

We are also in touch with congregations in Neosho and Noel, NO about the flooding in their area and in West Plains, and also have been in touch with congregations in Durant,MS about tornado damage there.

We’re ready to send additional loads of supplies as soon as we get the word, and know we can get our truck into the area.

Please pray for all of these that have been devastated by the tornadoes and flooding the last few days. Please keep us in your prayers, and we’d appreciate your financial support to as we strive to help those in need.

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