A Trailer of Supplies is En Route to Oak Grove, MO

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This morning our Associate Director for the Plains States, Dennis McClintock, was busy trying to find out where all of the locations were in his area of the country that were hit by tornadoes last night. Tornadoes touched down in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Texas, Illinois.

This morning, Dennis was in touch with the Oak Grove Church of Christ, in Oak Grove, MO. 483 homes were reported damaged by local emergency management. The leadership at Oak Grove told us to get a truck on it’s way. The trailer left our warehouse in Nashville about an hour ago, to be unloaded by the members of the Oak Grove church in the morning, at their building.

We’re still monitoring damage reports, and waiting for return phone calls to see if additional help is needed in other locations.

Please pray for the many families whose homes were damage in Oak Grove.