Help Sent to San Antonio, Additional Help Sent to New Orleans

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Yesterday evening, a trailer load full of supplies was unloaded for the victims of the two tornadoes that struck the San Antonio area Sunday night, Feb 19th. We were in immediate contact with several congregations near the damaged area. It took them some time and meetings to evaluate the need, and determine which congregation was going to receive the supplies and which congregations were going provide help. The San Pedro Church of Christ unloaded the trailer at their church building Wednesday evening, after work. San Pedro’s membership, is mostly working people, not available to unload during the day, so the truck was unloaded after people had a chance to get off work, and drive in San Antonio afternoon traffic to get to the building, to go back to work unloading these supplies, and helping their neighbors.

Many may not know that we can send frozen dinners to disaster areas, but we don’t send them right up front. People must have power, a place to store, and an appliance to cook them in. The two congregations we were helping in New Orleans after the recent tornadoes, were ready for a trailer full of frozen dinners the last two weekends. We tell a congregation to get in touch with those they’re helping, and tell them that a refrigerated trailer full of ‘Hungry Man’ Frozen dinners will be in their parking lot, or at a certain location at a specific time on a Saturday. The trailer is pulled in, workers open up the back of the refrigerated trailer, and distribute families cases of Frozen dinners to take home until the trailer is empty, usually about 3 hours time.
On Saturday Feb 11th a trailer of frozen dinners was distributed by the Louisa Street church, and on Feb 18th another trailer full was distributed by the Crowder Blvd church, both in New Orleans.

We pray for those who received damage during these early season tornadoes.