Two Trucks to Unload in New Orleans This Morning

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Yeasterday afternoon, Dennis McClintock went to work calling congregations near the Tornado damaged areas in Louisiana. Dennis is our Associate Director responsible for that region. More than one area was hit, in fact 7 tornadoes were reported across the south!
We received the go ahead to send two trucks about 3pm. We had one loaded ready to roll, the other almost ready. At 5:30 our first volunteer driver, Sam Hamilton pulled away with a trailer full of supplies for the Louisa St Church of Christ in east New Orleans. At 8:15pm, our second volunteer driver, Wayne Spencer departed for the Crowder Blvd Church of Christ in east New Orleans. Both trailers will be unloaded this morning at their church buildings, turned over to that congregations leadership, to help those in need in their community.

We’re standing by ready to send additional help, and voluteers will be packing another 1,500 family food boxes at our warehoue tomorrow morning at 10am.
Please pray for those that were in the path of these strong storms.