More Supplies Delivered to Georgia

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Thursday morning the second shipment of supplies was unloaded by members and area volunteers at the US 19 Church of Christ building in Albany, Georgia. The church had distributed the first trailer load of supplies provided by CoCDRE, and had a chance to distribute a lot of the items people from around the area were bringing to help. People will bring a case of water, or a case or two of different things, but you either have to give someone a case, OR, somebody had to set all the items on tables, and allow people to come in and shop. What do they put the items in to carry them home?
The supplies we send, are already divided out into a useful quantity of each item, pre-packed into a box, ready to be handed to someone to take home, as soon as the supplies are unloaded from our trailer. The church building doesn’t need a bunch of tables setup for people to come in to shop through everything. We provide new shoes, and new clothing too, so none of those items have to be hung up or folded and put on tables to be shopped through either. We try to do most of the ‘busy’ work to get things organized before they receive the items. Then, the workers at the church can go to work handing out the supplies we provide, rather than having to go through everything and divide it up, and get it ready to be picked through. Our process makes helping others a lot more efficient, and you can help more people a lot faster with a lot of the work done up front.

Please continue to pray for the losses of those in the tornado stricken areas of Mississippi and Georgia. Thank you for your support, which allows the local church we send the supplies to, to be able to reach out to their neighbors in the community, and build some relationships with people in need, show them the love of Christ, and give them hope!

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