Tornadoes Strike Southern Georgia

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Tornadoes continued to strike the southeast over the weekend. A tornado struck the community of Adel, GA, about 60 miles southeast of Albany just before daybreak Sunday morning, January 22nd, hitting the Sunshine Acres Mobile Home Park, killng seven. 20 mobile homes were leveled. That same tornado hit the communities of Barney, GA and New Lois, GA, taking another life in New Lois.

In Albany, the Radium Springs area was hit hard also. Two were killed in Albany, when their home was blown onto Highway 122.  Dozens of injuries were reported across the state. Total deaths reported from storms in South Georgia was 14.

This afternoon another trailer load of supplies will be leaving for the Adel Church of Christ, to be unloaded by members at their building Tuesday morning at 9am.

A second trailer for the Hattiesburg, MS area will go out tomorrow, to be unloaded at the Kensington Woods Church of Christ building Wednesday morning.

We are also in contact with Albany, waiting for the word to send a trailer there.

Please pray for these areas where lives have been lost, and many are now without a home.