Truckloads of Water Sent to Corpus Christi

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Friday morning, we had the first truckload of gallon bottles of water delivered to the Kings Crossing Church of Christ in Corpus Christi, and that afternoon had another truck full of gallon bottles, delivered to the Weber Road Church of Christ, along with a second trailer with 15 pallets of gallon bottles of water, and 4 pallets of wipes, for waterless cleaning. We had additional trailers ready to roll to other outlying areas, like the Flour Bluff Church, but the ban for those water systems was lifted Friday morning. Reports are coming in that the chemical leak was known a week ago.

A chemical back-flow was reported Wednesday evening, and the water was banned for drinking, drinking, or even touching. The chemicals being reported in the water are an emulsifier used in asphalt, plus hydrochloric acid. Several have been treated for intestinal problems and skin burns from the water.

Tests of that water are being performed in Houston, with test results expected tomorrow or Monday.

We will provide additional water if needed.