First Trailer load of supplies headed for Daytona Beach, FL area

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In about  an hour, the first trailer full of supplies, valued at over $82,000 will depart from our Nashville warehouse  for the Holly Hill Church of Christ, in Holly Hill, FL, just north of Daytona Beach.  Three lives have been lost from Hurricane Matthew at this point, and those deaths  in Florida.  The damage in the Holly Hill area is severe, we’re being told already they may be needing a second truckload of supplies. The truck will arrive later this evening, to be unloaded in the morning at the Holly Hill church building.  Another trailer is loaded, ready to roll, if we get the call to send it on. It’s being reported that the worst part of the hit to Florida has not taken place yet, and North and South Carolina are expecting a lot of rain. Please continue to pray for all those in the storms path.

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